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Pain Filled ‘Sign of the Time’

“Huh, what does that sign say?  What time is it?  How fast am I going?  What time bracket I am in?  OK, I can speed up.  Wait, the clock in car is five minutes fast so I am actually in different zone. I need to slow down.” With no school in session, the speed limit […]

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Symblicity ‘Hatching’

Typically one conjures up cute images of a fluffy yellow duck, but this picture best represents where we are right now.  We have cracked the shell are working to get out. Symblicity makes use of symbols to simplify ideas, values, and goals.  Simple messages resonate and humans have used symbols since the earliest times to […]

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AFP Back On Track

AFP Inc. occupies a 90,000 square foot building in Whittier, California. The facility houses coil coating paint lines, slitters, rollforming and other manufacturing machinery. Recently, AFP Inc. was challenged with the unexpected death of its founder and leader, Peter Suprunuk.  For two years since his passing, the existing management team attempted to run the company.  […]

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