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Not Your Ordinary Cake

“I found one”. I have never been so excited to find out that a piece of food I put into my mouth had a piece of plastic in it. I reenter the break room of the manufacturing company I have recently helped get back on track and which is living with more purpose. My arm […]

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Nike’s ‘Find Your Greatness’ Resonates with all of Us

Originally posted on Beloved Brands:
At Beijing in 2008, Nike did such a good job that almost as many consumers felt they were the Olympic sponsor. They flooded the malls of Beijing with Nike ads, knowing that people would be so hot, they would seek shelter in the malls. It was so successful, it forced…

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Your “Festival of Colors” Rituals

Every year, Hindus greet the transformation from Winter to Spring by celebrating.  During The Festival of Holi, Hindus throughout the world share prayer, camaraderie, special food, and a general sense of mischief as they douse each other in dyes and colored water. The Holi festival of colors draws its roots from a Hindu legend involving […]

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6 Pack Monopoly Broken

I recently visited a grocery store and noticed that I can now create my own six pack of beer.  I like a darker beer and my wife likes a lighter beer.  In the past, I would have to buy two different six packs to meet each of our needs.  Now, I can mix and match […]

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Dying For One Last Ride

In Berlin, a man has given die-hard bikers something to look forward to after they die.  In February, Joerg Grossmann participated in his first funeral with a sidecar hearse attached to his motorcycle. Back in 1901, car-style hearses started replacing the horse-drawn version so for over 100 years, you basically had one option for delivery […]

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Cupcake ATM

Imagine it is 3 am in morning and you are craving a red velvet with cream cheese butter cream.  Yes, that is a cupcake. Well, if you live in Los Angeles you can drive to a cupcake ATM. 24-Hour Sprinkles has made it very simple for its customers to have a cupcake at anytime of […]

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