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Universal Symbol of Transformation

“Let’s use the symbol of a butterfly”, says Donna to the rest of the team.  I am leading the strategic planning process of a nationally known non-profit. We are on the final session selecting a set of symbols to help them create a unique visual voice and instantaneously communicate their powerful and inspiring message. Transforming […]

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More Than Just A Hammer, Nails, and Wood to over Two Billion People

How do simple images turn into symbols that communicate visually a meaningful idea?  Look at the hammer, nails, and pieces of wood. What do you associate this set of images with? You might be thinking of someone building a house or a fence. Now take a look at the second set of images.  A hand-held […]

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YMCA’s New Colors

I have been able to stick to my 2013 goal of investing time weekly in my fitness and health. Only in the last couple of weeks have I become aware of our local YMCA’s recent transformation. Lying on my back stretching in the hall, I noticed their new use of basic colors and associated words […]

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Not Your Ordinary Cake

“I found one”. I have never been so excited to find out that a piece of food I put into my mouth had a piece of plastic in it. I reenter the break room of the manufacturing company I have recently helped get back on track and which is living with more purpose. My arm […]

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Your “Festival of Colors” Rituals

Every year, Hindus greet the transformation from Winter to Spring by celebrating.  During The Festival of Holi, Hindus throughout the world share prayer, camaraderie, special food, and a general sense of mischief as they douse each other in dyes and colored water. The Holi festival of colors draws its roots from a Hindu legend involving […]

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Pain Filled ‘Sign of the Time’

“Huh, what does that sign say?  What time is it?  How fast am I going?  What time bracket I am in?  OK, I can speed up.  Wait, the clock in car is five minutes fast so I am actually in different zone. I need to slow down.” With no school in session, the speed limit […]

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