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Universal Symbol of Transformation

“Let’s use the symbol of a butterfly”, says Donna to the rest of the team. 

I am leading the strategic planning process of a nationally known non-profit. We are on the final session selecting a set of symbols to help them create a unique visual voice and instantaneously communicate their powerful and inspiring message.

Transforming Lives Together

They do this by breaking the cycle of domestic violence. This is the difference they make in the world so the recommendation of the butterfly as the symbol representing transformation is right on. 

Although there are four stages in the life of a butterfly, the stage between chrysalis (cocoon) and butterfly is the most symbolic as this is where we see the biggest visual transformation. 

For many Native Americans, the cocoon was the soul trapped inside the body. When a person dies, the soul is released from the body and this is represented by the butterfly being released from the cocoon. For others, the cocoon stage is where changes occur internally before the butterfly can come out to let the world see its beauty.

This second explanation resonates strongly with the company because that is how they transform lives. They first work to help people make a change in themselves to break the cycle. Only after that happens can the true beauty be seen and felt.

Nature provides us a diverse source of symbolic meanings that we can apply to our lives and businesses. Make use of these symbols from nature when you can to help simplify your message and make it easy for others to remember.  

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