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YMCA’s New Colors

I have been able to stick to my 2013 goal of investing time weekly in my fitness and health. Only in the last couple of weeks have I become aware of our local YMCA’s recent transformation. Lying on my back stretching in the hall, I noticed their new use of basic colors and associated words […]

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As Simple as 3, 1, 2….

“What do those numbers mean?” I was in the checkout lane of the local grocery store looking at a large monitor with the numbers 3, 2 and 1 on the screen. The checkout person said, “The first number is the actual number of checkout lanes currently open. Β The middle number is the number of lanes […]

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Not Your Ordinary Cake

“I found one”. I have never been so excited to find out that a piece of food I put into my mouth had a piece of plastic in it. I reenter the break room of the manufacturing company I have recently helped get back on track and which is living with more purpose. My arm […]

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