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6 Pack Monopoly Broken

I recently visited a grocery store and noticed that I can now create my own six pack of beer.  I like a darker beer and my wife likes a lighter beer.  In the past, I would have to buy two different six packs to meet each of our needs.  Now, I can mix and match different dark and light beers from a variety of choices and only purchase one six pack.

More and more, the traditional bundled offerings are falling because customers demand choice.  With other options available, customers are moving towards the company’s that offer choice and they are also willing to pay a little premium.

So which service will be the next to fall?  I look forward to the day when the first cable TV company opens ‘the menu’ so you can choose and pay for only the TV stations you want.  I don’t want to pay for ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’, ‘Hoarding’, or ‘My Obsession’.

How can you look at your services and offer your customers more choice?  If you do it right and are the first, you will differentiate yourself and be rewarded by the marketplace.


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