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6 Pack Monopoly Broken

I recently visited a grocery store and noticed that I can now create my own six pack of beer.  I like a darker beer and my wife likes a lighter beer.  In the past, I would have to buy two different six packs to meet each of our needs.  Now, I can mix and match […]

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Dying For One Last Ride

In Berlin, a man has given die-hard bikers something to look forward to after they die.  In February, Joerg Grossmann participated in his first funeral with a sidecar hearse attached to his motorcycle. Back in 1901, car-style hearses started replacing the horse-drawn version so for over 100 years, you basically had one option for delivery […]

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Cupcake ATM

Imagine it is 3 am in morning and you are craving a red velvet with cream cheese butter cream.  Yes, that is a cupcake. Well, if you live in Los Angeles you can drive to a cupcake ATM. 24-Hour Sprinkles has made it very simple for its customers to have a cupcake at anytime of […]

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