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Two Essentials for Skiing – Pizza and French Fries??

Over the past 35 years, I have skied in all types of conditions, but nothing prepared me for navigating all the Pizza and French Fries on the slopes this past weekend.

Pizza - Slow

“Pizza, Pizza” shouted one Dad to his daughter.  Once she had slowed down, he followed with “French Fries” to have her speed up and then “Pizza” to slow again.

Ski instructors have simplified a process for teaching people how to ski.  In the 1970’s, to slow down I was taught to V shape/Snow plow with inside edges on the snow.

French Fries - Fast

Nowadays it is much easier – ‘Pizza, Slow’ and ‘French Fries, Fast’ – and this resonates since almost everyone likes these foods and knows what they look like.

The process is also easy for the unofficial ski instructors … namely, Dad’s and Mom’s hear the wording and can help their kids.  There is no 10 page instruction booklet or 2 hour class needed.

So, in your company there are processes that could be simplified by reducing unnecessary steps and making better use of symbols and imagery that everyone understands.   Start with an understanding of what is important to your customer today and remove or simplify the “that is how we have always done that” steps.  It will make a huge difference for your customers and employees.

While your doctor won’t recommend these foods to you anytime soon, go ahead and Super-Size.  This type of “Pizza-French Fries” not only tastes good, but is also very healthy for your business.


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