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Winners Don’t Glide

In 2008, it appeared Michael Phelps quest to beat Mark Spitz’ record of seven Olympic gold medals in one Olympics was over.  Four photos show how the last three meters of the 100M butterfly unfolded. 

Phelps knew he was behind Milorad Cavic of Serbia and only a short stroke might deliver the win.  When the race ended, Phelps was shocked to see a 1 next to his name on the scoreboard.  Cavic had decided to glide to the wall and had been beaten by .01 of a second.

Even though everyone had given up that Phelps would win, Phelps knew exactly where he was and made a quick decision that gave him the best opportunity to get gold.

This is an attribute of a winner.  Winners make sure they know where they are in ‘any race’ and have solutions to draw upon to pull out a win.  Be a winner today AND….

No Gliding Allowed!!


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