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Moo .. Oink, Oink.. Aren’t All Farm Animals the same?

A Vermont police officer noticed a suspicious symbol while looking at the new 16-inch decal on the side of his police cruiser.

One of the spots on the cow on the official state police crest looked like another farm animal.  No big deal, right? Wrong.

The decals for the police cars are made by the prisoners in Vermont’s correction facility and a prisoner altered one of the spots on the cow to look like a pig – a derogatory symbol associated with police.

Sixty of these altered decals have been on police cars for the past year and only last week did an officer notice and report it.

The tax payer is the one stuck in the pigsty as the decals cost $780 each to replace.

Stay clean by continuously making sure no ‘prisoners‘ are altering your brand with ‘pig’ symbols which might be even more costly.


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